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Programming Services
Windows GUI & Web Application migration
I can help you in the migration process of your exisiting application writting code and also in the training process. Also I have huge experience developing web applications using XB2NET and WAA, and can help you migrating your application to a client/server web application.
Application boost & troubleshooting
Probably you are the person who knows all about your application, but sometimes will be helpfull a revision of your code by an external programmer. Also I can rewrite or modify parts of your code or write some C/C++ modules when you need to boost the speed on critical parts of your application. I can travel to your site when necessary, but do most of my development in my own office which keeps expenses down.
Wrapper development
Sometimes you can use a 3rd party technology with your application but you need to writte some extra C/C++ code to be ussable within your application. I can save you a lot of time and money writting the necesary wrapper, using the C/C++ extensions of ot4xb.dll.
Cost of the service
I charge 60Eur. per working hour. Travel is billed differently than development time in my office and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Info

Pablo Botella Navarro

Rua de Tui, 13
Urb. A Barcia

Phone:+34 981 537 828

Fax:+34 981 537 792