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ot4xb - Open Tools for Xbase++

ot4xb.dll is a free library for Xbase++ with the main purpose to enhance the access to Windows APIs and provide native access to binary strucures and native types and some usefull miscelaneous functions and classes.

The ot4xb repository is mantained using channels of the news server that allow fast publishing of latest builds, samples and help articles. And can be accessed from the web forum or a nntp server


Download the latest ot4xb binaries and source code.

Notes and quick help about ot4xb classes and functions pending to be included in the documentation


Source code examples and small packages using ot4xb.dll


ot4xb User Support forum.

ot4xb online Help

Download ot4xb.chm compiled Help

XppCbk - Free Callback compiler for Xbase++

xppcbk.exe generate a OBJ from a simple syntax script allowing your Xbase++ functions act as true callbacks in any API that require a callback pointer.

xppcbk.exe uses and include the free asm compiler FASM.EXE to create the resulting OBJ make sure FASM.EXE is in the same folder as xppcbk.exe or in a folder pointed by your path environment var. Read the FASM_LICENSE.TXT file inside the package or visit the flat assembler main page for more info about the FASM license.

Download XppCbk

ot4xb - Released

Download Library

Download Source

Solved small issues with Xbase++ 2.0

Sunday, June 7, 2015